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Why Local Businesses Need Our Help

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Everyone in every part of this country has felt some impact from the recession. Small businesses and independent professionals are the backbone of this country and they are hurting the most without the infrastructure or safety nets to survive when things turn bleak and business dries up. Consumers need faith that every dollar spent is going to result in the greatest value possible.

Currently there is no proven model for establishing meaningful reputations for businesses and service providers in local communities. We believe GoHuman.com is the answer, and that by providing businesses with a venue for documenting quality of service and communicating this value to a network of existing and prospective customers, we can help rebuild faith in the economy from the inside out.

How does GoHuman.com show you who to trust?

Endorsements are designed to give service providers a quick leg up by letting people see a handful of testimonials from people who know them and have experienced their great service. These could be friends or business associates. Since requested endorsements are inherently biased, we have also incorporated an ongoing feedback model.

Feedback allows businesses to track the success of each transaction with a customer. Over time we'll see a more accurate picture of the quality of the provided services. We are currently working on a third layer of reputation management, which will involve third-party expert certification programs for each industry to strengthen this approach.

If you believe GoHuman.com has the potential to help improve the economy, please sign up now and Flip for Your Community.

Andy Swindler